Learn More About the Letterkenny TV Series

Letterkenny TV Series

Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom produced by Jared Keeso, developed and written mostly by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, directed by Tierney, and starring Keeso with Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K Trevor Wilson. 

Letterkenny Problems originated as a YouTube online series, and it was commissioned as a television series by Crave in March 2015, and it launched in February 2016. The sitcom portrays the citizens of Letterkenny, an Ontario fictional rural community partly based on Keeso’s hometown of Listowel, Ontario.

Letterkenny is distributed by Hulu in the United States, and the first two seasons premiered on July 13, 2018. On December 27, 2018, additional seasons were added. The eleventh season premiered on Crave on December 25, 2022, and on Hulu on December 26.

About the Letterkenny TV Series

Letterkenny is based on the same-named little rural Canadian community, and most episodes begin with the text: “There are 5000 people in Letterkenny. These are their problems.” These are their issues.” Wayne and Katy are siblings who run a small farm and produce shop with the support of Wayne’s friends Daryl and Squirrely Dan.

The episodes depict small-town life through the eyes of many characters, including farmers, out-of-towners who make up the local ice hockey team, the town’s closeted priest, drug addicts, members of the nearby First Nation reserve, local Mennonites, and Québécois.

Plots frequently revolve around Wayne protecting his public image as “the toughest guy in Letterkenny,” the exploits of the town’s hockey team, who struggle to win, the skids’ schemes to rip off both Letterkenny residents and natives, and Wayne’s dating life after dumping his high school sweetheart who cheated on him.

Letterkenny TV Series Production

The show is produced in Sudbury, Ontario. Letterkenny is Crave’s first original series, premiering on the platform on February 7, 2016. The original Letterkenny Problems featured Keeso and Dales exchanging funny one-liners while standing in various locations.

Letterkenny Problems received an award for the Best Original Fiction Program or Series Created for Digital Media at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. The fictional town of Letterkenny shown in the series is not based on the genuine town in Renfrew County.

Letterkenny was revived for a second season of six episodes in March 2016. CraveTV revealed in August, only weeks after Season 2 concluded, that they had ordered a third season. “St. Perfect’s Day,” a St. Patrick’s Day special episode, was released in March 2017.

The third season, which was filmed during the winter season, was released on July 1, 2017, Canada Day. A Halloween episode was aired in October 2017, and it was reported that the series acquired a new media partner who agreed to a production commitment for 40 additional episodes, a 26-city Letterkenny Live tour commencing in February 2018, and the growth of Letterkenny products.

The fourth season, consisting of six episodes, was released in December 2017. The fifth season, consisting of six episodes, was released in June 2018. Letterkenny’s Christmas special premiered in November 2018, following Season 6’s six episodes in December.

The Valentine’s Day Special premiered in February 2019, followed by Season 7’s six episodes in October 2019. Season 8 was released in December 2019, and Season 9 was released in December 2020. Seasons 10 and 11 were confirmed in September 2020, with production set to begin in August 2020 but delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Production on seasons 10 and 11 began in June 2021, and it was also revealed that Shoresy, the hockey player voiced by Keeso but whose face was not visible in Letterkenny, will star in his own spinoff series, Shoresy.


Interesting Facts about Letterkenny TV Series

1. Listowel, Ontario-based – Listowel, located in southern Ontario and two hours west of Toronto, has a population of 7,500 people and is typical of southern Ontario communities of its size, including hockey teams, a large St. Patrick’s Day festival, and a strong feeling of community.

2. Sudbury, Ontario was the location for the filming – Keeso wanted to preserve the small-town atmosphere of his hometown for the program, but he also required a community with plenty of filming options. Keeso discovered it in Sudbury, Ontario.

3. Jacob Tierney is the director – Jacob Tierney, who plays Pastor Glen on the show, is also a co-writer and the show’s main director. Jacob Tierney has directed 67 of the 68 episodes. He’s worked in the Canadian film industry for years, winning two Beavers for writing and directing his feature picture The Trotsky, and three more for Letterkenny.

4. Jonathan Torrens wrote some of the episodes – While Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney write the majority of the series, they have occasionally assigned writing duties to others, notably former Trailer Park Boys actor and talk show presenter Jonathan Torrens. 

5. L.A. was unprepared for Jared Keeso – Jared Keeso relocated to Los Angeles. For a brief while in his teens, he pursued performing and writing. He said that nothing happened in Los Angeles due to intense pressure.

6. Tyler Johnston has received three nominations for Canadian Screen Awards – Tyler Johnston, who plays Stewart, the drugged-up goth in Letterkenny, is a well-known Canadian actor. In 2013 and 2014, he was nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards for his roles in The Phantoms and Less Than Kind.

7. Puppers Lager – Letterkenny’s creators collaborated with Stack Brewery to make Puppers Lager, the city’s official beer. Cans of it may be seen on the show, and the brewery where it is created is right in Sudbury. 

8. Letterkenny demands a large number of jokes – “We’ll often give writers homework like, “Come up with 400 jokes about the following theme,” writer-director Jacob Tierney told Entertainment Weekly. We’re looking for quantity here.” 

Wrapping it up

Letterkenny may not be the most popular comedy on Netflix right now, but it is definitely one of the funniest. The program is cherished by fans and continues to increase in popularity with each new season. Even if you’re having a bad day, this will definitely brighten your day and make you laugh until your stomach aches.