Learn More About the Dead Files TV Series

Dead Files TV Series

The Dead Files is an American paranormal tv show that debuted on the Travel Channel on September 23, 2011. Amy Allan, a physical medium, and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, who examine allegedly haunted locations at the request of their clients in order to give proof of paranormal activity, star in the show. 

Each pair is shown investigating the case separately of the other in order to avoid influencing their piece of the inquiry. They and their clients then collaborate during the program’s final portion, the “reveal,” to compare their findings.

About the Dead Files TV Series

Steve DiSchiavi, a Homicide Detective, and Amy Allan, a Physical Medium, address each case from their own areas of expertise. They are a paranormal team unlike any other, merging their distinct, varied, and frequently opposing expertise to investigate unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across the United States.

To protect the integrity of their findings, each investigator’s methodology and conclusions are kept hidden from the other team members until the stunning facts are presented to the homeowner at the end of each episode.

Amy Allan

Amy Allan, a paranormal researcher and physical medium, collaborates on The Dead Files with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi to uncover unexplained paranormal activity in haunted locations around America. 

Amy uses her talents to connect with the dead in this series, frequently assuming their roles and reliving their deaths, while Steve searches for concrete proof using his years of investigative experience. The parallels between the two investigators’ observations are forcefully exposed when they come together to present their findings.

Amy’s curiosity in paranormal occurrences began at the age of four, when she claims she was harassed by “shadow people” in her Arvada, Colorado, home. She’s been on a quest to solve the riddles of the unexplained ever since.

Amy earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arizona, where she was mentored by world-renowned parapsychologist William Roll. Leading parapsychologists have investigated and tested Amy’s skills.

Steve DiSchiavi

DiSchiavi uses his police expertise and experience on The Dead Files to investigate the facts behind each property, questioning the owners about the building’s past, interviewing local historians and specialists, and hunting down any prior owners of the property in issue. 

The parallels between the two investigators’ finds are dramatically highlighted in each surprising conclusion when the two detectives meet together at the end to present their findings with each homeowner. Steve and medium Amy Allan work together to solve mysterious paranormal events in haunted locales across the United States.


Best Episodes of the Dead Files TV Series

1. Dark Soul Season 14 – Episode 5 – Steve and Amy are dispatched to Pataskala, Ohio, to look into reports of ghostly activity disturbing a grandmother and her family. Inside the house, all evil has burst out, and everyone fears they are in grave danger.

2. Spellbound Season 3 – Episode 25 – Steve and Amy travel to Virginia to examine paranormal activity reports.  Steve finds that the house was once a slave plantation, Amy faces multiple spirits, including one she believes is plotting to destroy the house.

3. The Watchers Season 13 – Episode 3 – Steve and Amy visited Blue Springs, Missouri, where a mother fears about her children’s safety as unseen forces afflict them on a regular basis. Throughout their independent investigations, DiSchiavi discovers the home was the site of a horrible murder-suicide in the 1960s, while Allan sees the spirit of a deceased man who harbors a strong hatred for women and children.

4. Buried Season 14 – Episode 11 – Steve and Amy respond to a distress call from a terrified single mother whose family is being tormented by the paranormal. With activity at an all-time high, she worries that the evil forces roaming her home will destroy the life she’s fought so hard to establish.

5. Lost Souls Season 13 – Episode 5 – Steve and Amy head to New London, Wisconsin, where a family is on the verge of being destroyed by powerful paranormal activity. The parents think one amongst their kids might just have attracted a demonic spirit through a spirit board.

6. Dead Rising Season 10 – Episode 10 – Steve and Amy head to Alabama to assist a family whose home and business are being destroyed by frightening entities. Amy comes across a violent bunch of dead guys and a powerful shadow man who harasses the living.

6. Puppet Master Season 14 – Episode 4 – Steve and Amy went to Indianapolis, in which a husband and wife claims dark forces are interfering with their lives. They are afraid that the dark forces will kill them in order to avoid them from giving a secure and loving home for their two young granddaughters.

7. Absorbed Season 11 – Episode 12 – Steve and Amy travel to Hartford, Wisconsin, to a horse farm where a family is attacked by dark forces. Steve learns that the former owner suffered from religious insanity and lunacy, while Amy comes across a shadow person that preys on the living.

8. Terrorland Season 11 – Episode 12 – While Steve investigates Native American attacks and several drownings, Amy uncovers a furious tribe of dead who will stop at nothing to reclaim their territory.

9. Sudden Awakening Season 14 – Episode 9 – The beautiful life of a Michigan mother is disintegrating before her eyes as the dead enters her house. She made a desperate appeal to Steve and Amy to solve the mystery and save her family from a dangerous monster known as the Tall Killer.

Wrapping it up

Amy and Steve are two brave people who are assisting needy families. In other circumstances, they are able to know some of the underlying facts, and it is astounding how they work together to reach mind-blowing solutions.

If you are interested in paranormal phenomena, you might enjoy many episodes of The Dead Files TV Series. If you’re going to watch the series, make sure you’re brave enough to bear the horror. You will undoubtedly like watching these scary episodes.