What type of government does Nigeria have

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The Government of Nigeria Nigeria is a country in West Africa. Nnamdi Azikiwe, a former governor-general, became the country’s first president when the Federal Republic of Nigeria was established in October 1963. A coup d’état in Nigeria in 1966 established military rule, igniting the Nigerian Civil War, which lasted from 1967 to … Read more

What are the most popular places to visit in Nigeria?

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Tourist attractions can draw worldwide attention in ways that go beyond erecting a physical structure and enshrining natural and physical treasures. They portray historical significance and outstanding beauty capable of awe and amusement to the general public; the physical evidence of brilliant architectural designs and brain work, combined with the mysterious dynamism … Read more

When was Nigeria founded as a Country?

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Geography of Nigeria Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and one-third the size of Texas, is located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. The Niger River’s lower course continues to flow south through the country’s western region and into the Gulf of Guinea. The southern coast is bordered by … Read more

How many years did the British colonize Nigeria?

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When the British Arrive in Nigeria At a time when the British were actively trying to stop the slave trade, the Sokoto jihad and the Yoruba wars boosted it. Slaves were previously exchanged for European goods, particularly guns and gunpowder, but the British now encouraged the trade in palm oil in the … Read more

Learn About the Famous Nigerian Singer Sade Adu

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There are plenty of Nigerian people that have become successful in various fields and industries around the world. For the music industry, it is no surprise that the Nigerian-born British singer Sade Adu is considered one of the most well-known personalities. Sade Adu is an actress, songwriter, and musical artist that are … Read more

Learn About the Famous Nigerian NBA Player Hakeem Olajuwon

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There are only a few basketball players in the NBA that are often called the greatest of all time or the GOAT, and one of those few players is Hakeem Olajuwon. The Nigerian-born basketball player has played in the NBA from 1984 to 2002, and for most of his career, he served … Read more