Once It Rains Africans Think Of Women Instead Of Agriculture – Omokri

Activist and spokesperson Reno Omokri has taken to Twitter to shade the whole of Africa

Reno who gave reasons to why African countries are poor is because of their desire to have many children

He said African men on think of women when it rains instead of agriculture

He wrote

”The Bauchi carpenter who wants to have 40 kids is a symptom of why Africa is poor. In 1960, Nigeria’s population was 45 million. UK’s was 52 million.

In 2021, Nigeria’s population is 200 million. UK’s is 67 million. Once it rains, Africans think of women, instead of agriculture! That is why with our 200 million strong population, we are still collecting economic aid from Norway, a nation of just 5 million people!”

Originally posted 2021-01-26 15:36:47.

Author: 9jaglitz

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