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Ludovica Nasti — biography, quick facts, and social media

Ludovica Nasti is 15-year-old Italian actress and model known for her movies My Brilliant Friend (2018), Modocane (2021), and Con tutti il cuore (2021). Read a bit more of Ludovica Nasti in this article.


Ludovica Nasti was born in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy, on September 26, 2006. She has a brother and a sister.

When she was four, she was struck by lymphoblastic leukemia, and the chemotherapies left her bald.

One her earliest dreams was to become a football (soccer) player. She had bruises as a result of playing football back in her hometown.

In 2018, Ludovica underwent an intensive workshop and Naples dialect training in order to play her character Lila in the movie My Brilliant Friend.

In the movie, Ludovica playes Lila, who struggles against the odds of society that decides to put trouble to her study plans after grade school. Her best friend, Elena, often finds her amusing and intimidating amid the neighborhood notorious for strife and violence. Lila is a strong-headed and blunt girl who often gets into a heated argument with her father, in which he throws her out of the window.

If you have noticed, why did Ludovica had to learn the Neapolitan accent when she was born in Naples? The reason is that she didn’t grow up in Naples. She learned the dialect only from her parents and grandparents as she was learning the accent herself for My Brilliant Friend.

She started her pre-secondary education after the shoot of My Brilliant Friend in 2018. Fortunately, the production team provided her with private tutoring from 7 p.m. onwards so she wouldn’t miss her lessons.

Quick facts

  • Birth name: Ludovica Nasti
  • Occupation: Actress, model, and student
  • Birthday: September 26, 2006
  • Birthplace: Puzzuoli, Naples, Italy
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Height: 5’2″

Filmography (impartial list)

  • Fame (2021)
  • Mondocane (2021)
  • Rose Stone Star (2020)
  • My True Brilliant Friend (2018)
  • My Brilliant Friend (2018)

Social media