Ibrahim Chatta, a Nigerian actor, film producer, and director in Yoruba films.

Get to know the prolific actor, singer, director, and producer Ibrahim Chatta

When you’re talking about “prolific” in the Nigerian entertainment industry, many people think of Ibrahim Chatta. He’s an actor, singer, writer, and producer. Get to know a little more about the prominent Ibrahim Chatta in this article.


Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta was born in a small town, Bacita, Edu Local Government, in Kwara State, on October 13, 1970. He is from the Tapa o Nupe and Modakeke ethnic groups, contrary to the popular belief that he is a Yoruba. However, he is fluent in Yoruba language, which paved him the way to the successful career as a Yoruba actor.

In addition, he came from a large Muslim family as one of the brood of 14. His father married three wives during his lifetime.

After his primary school education, Ibrahim attended the Dende Secondary School Aggiea, but subsequently dropped out. However, he ha since learned from online courses and programs.

His lack of diploma, though, did not stop Ibrahim Chatta from pursuing his dreams. He began acting when he was 15, first appearing on stage plays. But he had to work at odd jobs to support himself, such as selling meat, hawking local ice cream, and conducting buses.

As far as back as 2006, Ibrahim Chatta had fast caught up and kept audiences on their toes.  In 2012, he secured his place in the Nigerian film industry as he acted alongside prominent actors ide Kosoko, Dele Odule, Muyiwa Ademola, Femi Adebayo, Wale Akorede, Afeez Eniola, Kabira Kafidipe, and Bisi Komolafe in Aiyekooto. The movie was produced by Sharafadeen Olabode and directed by Adebayo Tijani.

He also won several awards, including:

  • Best Actor, Dallas International Yoruba Movie Awards (DIYMA, 2021)
  • Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Awards for his contribution to the Nollywood industry (2020)
  • Best Actor of the Year, City People movie award (Yoruba, 2019)
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Yoruba film (Ifa Iwa) – In the 5th Best of Nollywood Awards (2013)
  • Best of Nollywood Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2012.

Ibrahim Chatta is also a talented singer and ventured a recording career. He has several songs, including “Area,” “My Money,” “Boom Boom Boom,” and “Friday Night.”

Ibrahim also directed a handful of movies, including Odun Baku (2006), Mafi Wonmi (2008), and Oje Laye (2021). In addition, Ibrahim owns a production company.

Impartial list of Ibrahim Chatta’s movies

  • Ogundabede
  • Aye Dudu Omoyagba Olokiki
  • Oru: The Midnight Sensation
  • October 1
  • Mafisere
  • Eberu Adigun
  • Mafi Won
  • Òréré layé
  • Atini O’go
  • Olo
  • Awure Eni
  • Omin On Baku
  • Irawo Oke
  • Leyin Igbeyawo
  • Akisa
  • Aiyekooto
  • Amongst Others