Himesh Patel Biography

Himesh Patel Biography

Himesh Patel Biography

Acting is the least unusual of all crafts. But it takes a lot of effort to become good at acting. To become a great actor, you have to be prepared for the challenges you’re going to face in the process, and also, you have to be well prepared in other to be able to grab any opportunities that might come your way. Most importantly, you have not to be afraid and never stop learning new things. All this is what Himesh Patel, who became famous for his role in EastEnders, put in his mind when he embarks on his acting career. After his appearance at British soap opera EastEnders, his fans have been eager to know more about his personal life. Who is Himesh Patel? How did he become famous? How old is he? Let us take you through thorough life details of Himesh Patel.

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Himesh Patel Biography


Himesh Patel is a Huntingdon born actor who came into limelight because of his role as Tamwar Masood on the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2006. Apart from being an actor, Himesh is also a very good singer. He has a soft and real voice that you can’t help but praise whenever you heard him singing.


Patel was born in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, on October 13 1990. His real name is Himesh Jitendra Patel, but most people know him as Tamwar Masood because of his role on the BBC opera soap. Because his parents are from Indian, he grew up speaking his parent’s native language Gujarat. He attended Prince William School in Northamptonshire.

Patel’s love for acting started when he was a kid. He was first noticed by his parents. At first, he began impersonating his favorites character on television before his teacher later noticed him. When he was eleven, he was given a role to play in his school. Because of his impressive performance, his parent decided to take him to the Key Youth Theater group to learn more about acting. In the process of learning acting, he also partakes in some online classes about filming and how to play the piano.

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Himesh Patel Biography


Patel began his career as an actor when he got a role on BBC Opera soap EastEnders on October 1, 2007. After his Introduction into the acting world, four years later, he won the best wedding at the Inside Soap Award with Meryl Fernandes.

In 2011, he Kickstarted his career as a writer; he co-wrote the episode one of season three of EastEnders with Charlie G. Hawkins. In 2014, he was featured on Two Dosas and many short comedy films. But in 2016, he left the EastEnders opera soap, and he began his appearance on TV shows. Since he departed from EastEnders, he has been featured in many films, including Vagabonds, Damned, motherland, Don Juan in Soho, Station Eleven, and Doctor Who, to mention few.

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Patel was born on October 13, 1990, in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. He is currently 29 years old, and he will be celebrating it 30th birthday in few month time


Patel is currently single and not yet engaged. His relationship in life is kept private. Research shows that he had one previous relationship in the past, but much is not known about it.


No doubt being an actor in this Era attracts a lot of money. Patel net worth is around $1 Million – $5 Million approximately.


Patel is active on Instagram with 39.4 thousand followers, and 73.3 thousand followers on Twitter.

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