Doctor flees as student dies after allegedly being administered a wrong injection. (Photos)

A student of Gombe dies after his visit to a dentist

According to reports, the student, identified only as “Alex,” was injected with the wrong drugs. The dentist, who administered the drug, is presently on the run.

The young man experienced a toothache and went to a healthcare facility. He was then injected and even after that, he still felt the pain. Then, Alex returned to the hospital and was left unattended until he reportedly passed away.

The doctor who administered the drug to the deceased student is currently on the run.

One of Alex’s friends, Ever David, took to social media to express about the deceased student’s death (written as it is):

“The hospital must be sue [sic] for killing my friend why will they employ a quake [sic] doctor in the first place and the doctor is going no where no matter where he runs to.

R.I.P Alex KissoKind baba I swear I miss you down I really felt the deep pains and imagine tomorrow is your BIRTHDAY and it all happen [sic] so fast that you have to gave up [sic] the ghost Lord please accept his soul Amen.

Since last night when the news reached my consent I was unable to eat couldn’t sleep just restless over KISSOKIND death,my bro my man someone who looked up to me since day one as a mentor and bro and he was my very far junior back then in the primary school I graduated from and today you are no more all like a dream watching how you struggled before your final breath change everything about life to me I miss you big man star boi humble blood great fam.

R.I.P sir KissoKind i believe and we all believe you are now in a safer and better hand. Please viewers discretion is advise. Baba.”

Alex was a student at Federal University.