Darrell Sheets Biography

Want to know about Darrell Sheets who rose to fame as an auctioneer in the TV program, “Storage Wars,”. How did he become famous, Age, Bio, Height, Wife, Kid, and Net worth, all will be covered in this post.


Darrell Sheets

Darrell Sheets is a reality Television personality born on 13 May 1958, in San Diego, California USA. The interesting and fascinating world of reality TV has turned lots of ordinary folks into famous stars and Darrell is one of the few people in this category. He became famous for his performance on the TV show, “Storage Wars” where a group of bidders tries to purchase repossessed storage units. His impressive performance makes him be nicknamed The Gambler.

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Darrell was born on 13 May 1958, in San Diego, California USA. The identity of his parent is still in the darkness and there is no detail about his childhood experience, the only thing we are sure of is that he is of American origin and grew up in San Diego. Research also shows that Danny started his treasure hunting journey when he was a tender age. There is no detail about his educational background, and our team working on getting every detail about him.


The United States born reality television personality is born on 13 May 1958, in San Diego, California USA and he is currently 62 years old.


Concerning his career, Darrell Sheets started by buying and selling of storage lockers. Fortunately, he turned how to be a great way of living for him as time goes on. Although this kind of business does come with a risk Darrell is not relentless and took it seriously. He has once found a dеаd bоdу соvеrеd іn а рlаѕtіс bаg іn оnе оf thе ѕtоrаgе lосkеrѕ hе bоught, whісh еvеntuаllу wеnt оn tо bесоmе а роlісе саѕе. Іt wаѕ later fоund оut thаt thе рrеvіоuѕ оwnеr hаd kіllеd hіѕ wіfе аnd kерt hеr іn thе ѕtоrаgе unіt.

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He has a career breakthrough some years later when he decided to take his business to another level. The show “Storage Wars” was launched and Danny and his son Brandon Sheets as been a part of it from the start. He has been featured in this show for more than 100 episodes. Also, he is famous for his Gambling attitude and strong personality.


Darrell Sheets

Darrell is a type of man that every woman will want to be with, not because he’s rich but because he posses a strong visible personality that attracts a lot of women. There is even a rumor that he has been in a countless number of relationships in his life. He had two children with an unknown woman, the one who gave birth to Brandon sheet. Currently, Danny is now in a relationship with Kimber Wuerfel who he met at the intersection in California. They both live together now with his two children and two step-children.

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The reality TV star stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is approximately 1.78m abs weigh 197 lbs (89.3 kg).


Darrell Sheets earned most of his money from his buying and selling of storage lockers business and reality TV series. He has a net worth of $4.5 million.

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