Danny Koker Biography

Danny Koker

Ever want to know about the American reality star Danny Koker who became famous for his show “counting cars”. Who is he, How old is he? His personal life, family, Height, Weight, and Net worth? Let take your thought a journey about Danny Koker’s life details.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Danny Koker is an American born reality star who rose to prominence for his “Counting Cars” show which usually takes place in his Count’s Kustoms shop. Apart from being a reality star, he is also a producer, musician, and a mechanic. His show is one of the biggest longest-running show which focused on customizing classic cars and motorcycle. The weird thing about Danny was that he learned how to customize and repair cars all by himself with any formal education, he is the mastermind of his show and he also runs every activity of his show.

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As said earlier he is gifted with many skill, Danny is also a good singer, he is one of the members and the lead singer of the famous Las Vegas-based band Count’s 77. He is also a producer, he co-produced most of their songs.


The popular car aficionado was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. He was born into the family of Daniel and Mary Koker on the 5th of January, 1964. His father was a musician, a composer and he works as an official at Ford motor company. Danny said watching his dad singing when he was a kid stir up the passion he had for singing. However, he decided to follow his father’s step, he started singing and performing on a stage when he was at a tender age. He got his first car from his father when he was eight years old. He has a sibling named Kim, he practiced his parent religion “Christianity”.

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Danny is born on January 5, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. He is currently 56 years old


Danny stand 6 feet 2 inches tall which is approximately 1.88 meters tall while it’s weight is estimated around 110 to 120 kg


Danny Koker Kickstart his career in 1990 at Las Vegas television station which is owned by his parent. He hosted many shows including Saturday night at the movie and because of his impressive performance, he became well known. He had a career breakthrough when he started his own show “Counting Cars”. This show makes him be more popular and as generated a lot of money and wealth for him including 60 vehicles, over 80 motorcycles, restaurants, tattoo shops to mention few.

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The celebrity mechanic is happily married to Korie Koker. His wife is a singer and they have both being together for more than fifteen years. They both owned a rock and grill bar in Las Vegas which is run by his wife. The couple as no children yet.


The reality star host earns most of his morning from his profession and from his business. According to speculation, his net worth is estimated at $13 million.


Danny is still alive and well, although there was a rumor that he died a few years ago, it’s not true. The cause of the death rumors was because of the similarity between him and his father’s name and some people who don’t really know his father thought he was the one when the news that his father is dead broke out.

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