The Fascinating Story of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Garffiti Wall

As one of the most famous rappers, Lil Wayne, also known as Lil Weezy, is one of the most sought-after artists. Hip-hop’s generation has a lot to thank him for his style and sound. Wayne popularized the mixtape before becoming one of the most prominent characters in the music business. When it … Read more

Lauryn Hill and Her Fascinating Story

Hill Performing in 2019

Lauryn Hill is a mother, singer, and producer. Since childhood, she has done much, and her beautiful silky voice has enchanted audiences. Hill, a brilliant and influential rapper, is the only musician in hip-hop history. Hill was named one of VH1’s “Greatest Women in Music” in 2012, influencing a wide range of … Read more

Who was Run-D.M.C?


Run-DMC (sometimes called Run-D.M.C.) was an American hip hop trio created in 1983 by Run (Joseph Simmons) born November 14, 1964, Hollis, Queens; DMC (Darryl McDaniels) born May 31, 1964, Harlem, New York, and Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) born January 21, 1965, Hollis, Queens. Run-DMC is widely regarded as one of … Read more

Who was Slick Rick?


Slick Rick was one of hip-first hop’s great storytellers, and his seamless charm and profound lyrical ideas cemented his status as a god-like figure in the genre’s development. The Bronx rapper, who rose to prominence during hip-golden hop’s period, is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential rappers of … Read more

Who was the Sugarhill Gang?

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The Sugarhill Gang is a hip hop trio from the United States. Guy O’Brien, Michael Wright, and Henry Jackson composed this group who went by the rap names Master Gee, Wonder Mike, and Big Bank Hank, respectively. Sylvia Robinson created the Sugarhill Gang. In Englewood, New Jersey, she and her husband, Joe … Read more

Who is Rapper Kamillion?


Basic rundown of Kamillion’s background Alja Kamillion was born on June 26th, 1989 in Jacksonville, Florida, to a family of four boys and two girls. Kamillion was born on Pearl Street in the Northside of Jacksonville. This environment, she claims, helped shape her and created a foundation for her musical career to … Read more