Cardi B shower praise on Offset d**k

Cardi B congratulates her husband Offset for his new clothing collection.

The rapper took to social media to celebrate hubby’s new collaboration with designer Chaza Jordan. And she did so with a particularly amazing dedication.

The singer posted on Instgram on Thursday (January 16, 2020), to celebrate the new collaboration with designer Chaza Jordan and her brand Laundered Works Corp. He posted in front of a photo of the couple during the Offset show at Paris Fashion Week:

“Congratulations baby for your pump, a collaboration of fashion clothes with @chazajordan. I’m so proud of you.”

Cardi B was even more obscene when she said of the occasion on Twitter:

“Very proud of my man !! Celebration in my throat today !!!”

The star of Hustlers stunned everyone at the event where the new collection was launched, donning a facial mask and a see-through dress, exposing her undies under a fur coat. In addition, he posted pictures of her getting ready for the online launch and a photo of her and her man posing inside a church, where Offset wore a black denim jacket with matching jeans and a black top.