Biography: Babatunde Olusegun Adewale (Mode9)

Babatunde Olusegun Adewale (born June 14, 1975), popularly known by his stage name
Modenine, is an English-born Nigerian rapper. In 2014, he released a song titled “Super Human” with Jamaican-American rapper Canibus.


Mode9 was born in London on June 14, 1975. He is the third child of his parents who are from Osun State. He has credited Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five for inspiring his love for Hip Hop.


He attended Agboju secondary school. He earned a degree in Building Technology at Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria. He gained popularity in his school which gained him the nickname Mlde9 and also Mathematical Stage for his sound knowledge in mathematics.
Mode9 is one of Nigeria finest emcee who have ever hold the microphone, his lyrical ability is top notch, his punchlines are hard to crack. One of the most popular and successful single that made him gain limelight was cry which he recorded in 2007 featuring Nnenna.


Mode Nine joined Question Mark entertainment which propelled his underground music to mainstream and then he dropped another mega hit album ‘Pentium IX’ which sold out completely. Mode Nine has performed alongside some of the finest emcees like Guru of Gangstarr, Wyclef and in 2005 he opened for Akon in Port Harcourt, In 2008, toured through Singapore and Malaysia, alongside Terry tha Rapman, acted as a judge in the ‘Sprite Emcee Africa’ competition, a South African based, Africa wide freestyle battle and talent search. . and won 3 Channel O awards and 9 awards at the Hip-hop world awards. He released his latest mix tape in 2012 called ‘Occupy the throne’Career.
He worked with Rhythm 84.7fm in Abuja, Nigeria as a radio presenter. Mode Nine worked with Rhythm 84.7fm in Abuja as a small time radio presenter featuring up-coming rap acts like Terry Da Rapman. He quit a few and signed a deal with Paybacktyme Records which is when recorded an album called ‘IX files’ which unfortunately didn’t reach the market. This set back didn’t deter him as he went on to release the mix tape that gained him incredible attention in 2004 called ‘Malcolm IX’ Discography.
In 2004, Mode9 released his debut project, Malcolm IX. His next album, Pentium IX was released in 2006. In 2007, he released another album called É Pluribus Unum. Modenine has eight studio albums. He released in 2018, a new album titled Hence4th produced by Black Intelligence. In 2019, he released an album titled The Monument.

Mode Nine gained popularity for his diss tracks, especially the ones aimed at Rugged man and Muna.


Malcolm IX -2004

Pentium IX – 2006

E’ Pluribus Unum “One Amongst Many” -2007

The Paradigm Shift -2008

Da Vinci Mode -2010

Above Ground Level – 2014

Insulin – 2016

The Monument (By Stormatique) – 2019
Featured Albums

Modenine & Alias – Pay At-10-Shun – 2010

Modenine & Mills The Producer – Golden Era Guevara New Era Mandela – 2011

Modenine & XYZ – Alphabetical Order – 2013

Modenine and DJ Papercutt – Look What I Found EP – 2016

Modenine & Black Intelligence – Hence4th – 2018


Malcolm IX – The Lost Sessions – 2004

Pentium IX – The Mixtape – 2005

Nigel Benn’s KraftWork (Modenine and Kraft) – The Soul Edition – 2007

09.09.09 The Mix Tape – 2009

Occupy The Throne – 2012

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