Andy Mauer Biography

Ever want to know about Andy Mauer, how he became famous? His relationship with Harvey Levin, Wiki, Early Life, Height, Age, Career, and Net Worth. Let’s take you through thorough research about Andy Mauer Life.


Andy Mauer is an American doctor and director who specialized in Chiropractic treatment. He was born in 1965 in the city of California, USA. It’s no more news that many people get to know Andy because of his relationship with  Harvey Robert Levin, the founder of popular and controversial American celebrity news blog, TMZ. Andy became famous when the news broke out that he as been dating Robert for over ten years.

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The day and month that Andy Mauer was born are not known but the only thing we are sure of is the year which is 1965. He is currently 55years old.


Almost everyone in this world is born by someone and have someone who he can call his family, whether his/her real family or adopted one, but concerning Andy Family, there is no news and identity of his family members and parent is still not yet out of the tunnel. According to research, we found that he grew up in California where he has both elementary and high school education. After he graduated from Grove Cleveland High School, he went to the University of California. In 1972 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. One would have thought he would stop there but that’s not how it is in his case, he further progress to the University of Chicago Law School, he spent three years and graduate with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1975.

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Regarding his career, Andy kickstarts his career as an attorney on 18 December 1975, when he became an active attorney working for the state of California. He works there for 20 years. Andy has a chiropractic and wellness health clinic center. He caters primarily to sportsmen and women. Andy is a bodybuilder and also gives fitness workouts and guidance. He has been permitted to feature in several magazines to take and educate about wellness and how to stay fit. His clinic was established in California and attained popularity till he determined to shut it down and quit practicing after 16 years.


Andy Mauer Biography

Nowadays, most celebrities like to keep their relationship away from the public for a reason best known to them. A few years ago a new broke out that Andy is in a relationship with  Harvey Robert Levin, the founder of popular and controversial American celebrity news blog, TMZ. Because of this many people thinks Andy is gay but since then he has not affirmed nor denied the rumors, so because of this his relationship status is not known.

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Andy Mauer stands 5 feet 10 inches tall which is approximately 1.78m inches tall and weighs 75kg. He is white by ethnicity and American by birth.


Andy Mauer earns most of his money from his profession, although the amount he earned yearly is not known, according to speculation his net worth is estimated to be  158,000 US dollars.


As at the time this post was posted, Andy Mauer is alive.


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