Copa del Rey QFs draw: Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad; Athletic Club vs Barcelona

The Copa del Rey quarter-final draw has been made, with Real Madrid facing Real Sociedad at Bernabeu and Athletic Club facing Barcelona in San Mames. Will Mirandes cause another upset?

There are no surprises there, with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the current title-holders, Valencia, seem to avoid one another.

Real Madrid and Bacelona have been kept apart in the quarter-finals and will both face Basque sides. Real Madrid will take on Real Sociedad while Barcelona will face Athletic Club.

This round, which will still be a one-legged tie, will happen between February 4 and 6, with the dates and times to be announced later on Friday.

Meanwhile, Granada and Valencia face off at the Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes. Mirandes, who defeated Sevilla 3-1 on Thursday night, will have to play Vallareal at the Estadio Municipal de Anduva.

Although Villareal were drawn first, Mirandes the match. According to the conference rules, the team from the lower division always hosts. The four winners will advance to the two-legged semifinals.

Here are the results:

  • Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad
  • Athletic Club vs Barcelona
  • Granada vs Valencia
  • Mirandés vs Villarreal