070 Shake – Modus Vivendi (Album)

070 Shake releases her debut album, Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi, a Latin phrase meaning “a way of life,” is the debut studio album of American rapper and hip-hop artist Danielle Balbuena aka 070 Shake.

Shake 070 announced the release of the album and its accompanying tour on June 24, 2019. Modus Vivendi includes previously released singles “Morrow” and “Nice to Have.”

In an interview with Billboard, Shake 070 said that she went back to a recording studio in Los Angeles and recorded a hundred in just over a month with producers Dave Hamelin and Mike Dean.

Shake 070 said she was “completely focused” on her recording, to the point that she had to let go “certain things” in her life. She was almost entirely away from her family and friends while recording. She stated: “From that sacrifice came emotions… Jesus would have made the greatest album of all time if he was able to speak on his feelings.”

When Shake 070 was asked how she got into music, she replied: “I was often walking into something that was already written for me for many lifetimes.”

Shake 070 – life and career

Shake 070 was born Daneille Balbuena on June 13, 1997, in North Bergen, New Jersey. She is of Dominican ancestry.

She was raised by a mother who worked as a security guard in North Bergen. At times, she would spend in the studio with her aunt and uncle, who recorded Christian music. But during her late teens, she felt confined by the limitations of her hometown and wanted to explore outside. During that time also, she was addicted to Xanax.

Shake 070 began her music career in 2015, recording some songs like “Proud” and “Seventeen.”. The following year, she and a local group of like-minded hip-hop aritsts and producers formed a music collective called the 070 Crew, with the “070” coming from New Jersey’s 070 zip codes. By 2018, the 070 Crew grew to having 11 members consisting of artists and producers.

Shake 070 had already begun uploading her songs to SoundCloud, and by 2016 she was earning hundreds and thousands of streams there. The hypnoticism of “Proud” quickly caught the attention of YesJulz, the Miami-based social media star and producer. He reached Shake 070 through Twitter and immediately signed on as her manager. But Shake 070 and YesJulz stopped collaborating and parted ways in August 2018.

Also in 2016, she signed with GOOD Music label. The record imprint, founded by Kanye West, learned of Shake 070 through YesJulz as she played some of her music during a Yeezy fitting.

With the support of GOOD Music label and her two new managers, she released her EP Glitter in 2018 and this time, her debut studio album Modus Vivendi.

Modus Vivendi track listing:

  1. “Don’t Break the Silence”
  2. “Come Around”
  3. “Morrow”
  4. “It’s Forever”
  5. “Rocketship”
  6. “Divorce”
  7. “The Pines”
  8. “Guilty Conscience”
  9. “Microdosing”
  10. “Nice to Have”
  11. “Under the Moon”
  12. “Daydreamin'”
  13. “Terminal B”
  14. “Flight 319”